Mental Health and Addiction Program

When people are sick, they visit their doctor to feel better

So why not take care of their Mental Health the same way?

If your Culinary employees are feeling sad or stressed… If their problems are affecting their family and/or their job… The Mental Health & Addiction Program can help!

What is the Mental Health & Addiction Program?

It’s a team of:

  • Generalists/Counselors (professionals that can help Culinary participants with many different issues),
  • Psychologists (specialists in psychology that have a degree; a psychologist cannot write a prescription)
  • Psychiatrists (doctors that specialize in the treatment of mental illness; a psychiatrist can write a prescription)

Areas where we can help:

  • Marriage & Family
  • Emotional Stress
  • Substance Abuse
  • Grief & Loss
  • Work Pressures
  • Gambling
  • Financial Difficulties
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

There are also services available for people with disabilities (including those that are blind or deaf)

How Much will it cost
Services Copay
• Therapy Sessions (does not include Psychiatrists or Psychologists) • Patients will not have a copayment for the first 5 visits (per problem);       
• After the first 5 visits, there will have a $15 copayment
• For hospital stay • $250 Copayment per hospital stay

Why go to Harmony Healthcare?

At Harmony Healthcare patients (adults and children) that are suffering with mental health and substance abuse problems can get counseling and treatment.

They have three locations as well as a network of professionals to choose from.

Patients can go to any Harmony location, or, they can pick their own counselor from the list of network providers on
this booklet.

For help call (702) 251-8000

Click here for Harmony Healthcare locations
Click here for other Mental Health and Addiction Treatment locations