Hospitals and Urgent Care Centers

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  • All hospitals in the Las Vegas area are part of the Culinary Health Fund network.
  • If you go to the emergency room you will pay a $350 co-pay
  • Your doctor or the hospital must get pre-authorization before you are admitted to the hospital. If you are admitted in an emergency situation, the hospital must get approval within 24 hours.
  • The Culinary Health Fund provides benefits for surgery at many outpatient surgery centers where you do not
    have to stay overnight.

Urgent Cares

Have you ever felt sick but it’s already after hours and your doctor’s office is closed? Or you need immediate care but it’s not an emergency?

Then Urgent Care is for you! Urgent Care Centers are places that can see you or treat you for things that can’t wait until the next day but are not emergencies. There are several locations around the city and even some are 24 hours.

Co-pay for Urgent Care is $40.

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Sick at Night?

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