Specialty Pharmacy

BriovaRx is the Specialty Pharmacy for The Culinary Health Fund

Since April 1, 2013 briovaRx has been the specialty pharmacy for the Culinary Health Fund. BriovaRx works hard to ensure every participant gets the expert, personalized support necessary to manage their complex conditions and prescribed medications. They will coordi­nate the efforts of all providers to keep treatment comfort­able, efficient and successful.

BriovaRx is a patient-centric specialty pharmacy. Their staff of clinical experts will personally guide Culinary Health Fund participants through their prescribed treatments to ensure safe, effective and timely administration.

They provide thorough education on all medications they offer, including injection teaching, and proactive refill reminders as well as fast, free home delivery making it easier for participants to adhere to their treatments without disruption or delay.

BriovaRx will maintain close contact with Culinary Health Fund providers from start to finish, keeping you informed of your participants’ progress. They will help to navigate the prior authorization process.

If you have questions, please contact BriovaRx directly at 866-611-5960.

How to send a Rx to Briova:

  • From a hospital: RN can either call or fax to Briova.
    Phone: 866-618-6741
    Fax: 866-618-6692
  • From a physician’s office: Call or fax to Briova.
    Phone: 866-618-6741
    Fax: 866-618-6692
  • Patients may also drop off their Rx directly at Briova.
  • For Rx pick-up and delivery: Patients can pick-up directly at Briova, or the Rx can be sent to the patient’s home via UPS (can be set up by hospital, office or patient).

If you have other questions, please contact BriovaRx directly at 800-850-9122.