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Your questions answered

Your questions are important to us. We want to help you find the information you need for your employees. This page has the answers to some of the common questions we get from employers.

If your question isn’t answered here, please call our Customer Service office at 702-733-9938.


What benefits do my employees have?

The Culinary Health Fund offers medical, dental, vision and pharmacy benefits. We also offer many other benefits including life insurance. Your employees’ benefits are based on your Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

When are employees eligible for benefits?

Your employees are eligible for benefits after they work 360 hours in 3 months. Your employees have to wait one month before they can use their benefits, and their benefits start the 1st day of the next month. Learn more here.

What’s self-pay?

Self-Pay is an option for your employees to pay to keep their benefits when they don’t work enough hours. After they get their benefits, your employees have to work 240 hours every 2 months to keep their benefits. If they work less than that they can pay us for the hours they’re missing. They pay the same amount that you pay as their employer. Learn more about self-pay.

What are my employees’ copays?

Your employees’ copays are based on the healthcare services they need. Check our copay bookDownload PDF to see your employees’ copays.

Programs and services

What resources do you have to help my employees stay healthy?

We offer healthy living classes and programs to help your employees take charge of their health. Our classes and programs teach your employees about common health conditions and problems.

Our classes include:

The classes are designed to teach your employees about their health. They can get the skills and support they need to truly make a difference in their lives.


Who are your participating employers?

Nearly 150 employers work with us to provide great benefits to their employees.

What are your participating unions?

We currently work with the following unions:


What is a 1095-B form?

Your employees use a 1095-B form to show the Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) that they had health insurance. It also lists which of their dependents were covered by health insurance, and for how long.

Why didn’t my employees get a 1095-B form in the mail?

The I.R.S. no longer requires the Culinary Health Fund to mail your employees a 1095-B form. But for their records, they can view and print a copy online.

How can my employees get a copy of their 1095-B form online?

To get a copy of their Culinary Health Fund 1095-B, they can:

  1. Log in to their account
  2. Click the link labeled 1095-B Tax Forms
  3. Then they can then print or save a copy of the 1095-B form
For more information about 1095-B forms, see the I.R.S. website.