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Call It Quits program

We offer a program to help your employees stop smoking. Our Call It Quits program can help them make a personal plan and set goals. Whether their goal is to smoke less or to stop all at once, our program can help your employees. They’ll get the support they need to live smoke-free. Your employees must be 18 years or older to join the program.

Your employees can call 702-691-5665 to sign up for the program.

What does the program offer?

  • Education and material to help your employees understand when and why they smoke.
  • Extra support from counselors and our help line.
  • Encouragement from others who also want to quit smoking.
  • Prescriptions that make quitting easier (like nicotine patches).
“I smoked for over 45 years. What brought me to the smoking class is a couple things: my wife and daughter both suffer from asthma; I am getting older, too; and I’d like to be around a few more years to see my daughter graduate from college. It’s been over 2 months now – and I’m even surprised myself – I have not had a cigarette. I have the will power to say ‘no’ thanks to the information that was brought out in the class.” Donald Fauber

How does the program work?

  • Your employees should call 702-691-5665 to sign up. They’ll answer a few questions about their health and smoking.
  • Then, a counselor will call them to schedule their first class.
  • There are 8 classes. Each class is 2 hours long.
    Your employees must join the program before the third class, or they will have to wait until the next series.
  • Your employees can also join online and group meetings if they want.
If your employees can’t make it to this Call It Quits series, they can get individual counseling on the phone, or online. Have them call 702-691-5665 to sign up.

There are no classes scheduled at this time.

For more information about this class, call the Advocacy Line at 702-691-5665.