Pharmacy Information

How much are my medications at the Culinary Pharmacy?

Covered generic medications are FREE at the Culinary Pharmacy. Look at the Culinary Pharmacy Booklet with your doctor and see if your medications can be switched to a medication that is on the list so that you pay no copay and get your medication for FREE.

How much is my prescription if I use a retail pharmacy?

The cost of prescriptions when filled at a retail pharmacy will
be as follows:

  • Tier 1- Generic: $10 copay
  • Tier 2- Brand: $20 copay
  • Tier 3- Exclusive: $35 copay

Please note: You can still get your covered generic prescriptions for FREE at the Culinary Pharmacy. You can also save money by using our mail order service.

What are generic medications?

A generic medication is the same as a brand-name drug. Generic medications are as safe as brand- name drugs because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) require that all medications be safe and effective.

What’s the difference between the mail order service and picking up my prescriptions?

The mail order service offers you a 60-day supply of your medication for only one copayment and is delivered to your home.