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Latest COVID-19 information for
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Who pays for your COVID-19 testing?

The Culinary Health Fund will only pay for medically appropriate testing that is ordered by your doctor.

If your doctor orders your test because you have COVID-19 symptoms:

  • The Culinary Health Fund pays for your testing at 100%. This is because the test is considered medically appropriate testing.
  • You should go to a PPO provider to preserve Fund dollars.
  • If you get billed for the test, please call the Customer Service Office at 702-733-9938.

If your employer tells you that you need to get tested:

  • Your employer should pay for the test.
  • The Culinary Health Fund will not pay.
  • Your employer must tell you where to go and what to do for testing.

If you don’t have symptoms but want to get tested for any other reason:

(For example, if you have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19.)

  • The state or county is in charge of this testing under “general public health testing.”
  • Culinary insurance should not be used because the Culinary Health Fund will not pay for this test.
  • If you want to get tested under “general public health testing,” go to the Southern Nevada Health District website.
Call the Customer Service Office at 702-733-9938 if you have any questions.