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In-network dental care

There are many dentists in the Culinary network. Your employees will save money if they go to a Culinary network dentist in the Nevada Dental Benefits (NBD) group.

To find an in-network dentist, your employees can visit NDB’s website and choose “NDB Managed Care Plans” in the Find A Dentist section.

Not all dentists who say “Culinary is accepted here” are in our network! Your employees can call NDB at 702-478-2014 to make sure their dentist is in the network. This can help them avoid extra costs.

What are my employees’ in-network dental benefits?

Your employees must get their dental services from a Culinary network dentist in the Nevada Dental Benefits (NDB) group for this plan.

In-Network Premier Plan (Culinary network dentist) benefit information:

Benefit What your employees should know
Annual deductible No deductible
Maximum yearly benefit No maximum
  • No copay for exams, basic x-rays, and silver fillings
  • All other copays depend on the service
Orthodontics (braces) Covered for your employees and their eligible dependents. Look at the table below to see how much your employees pay.
Dual Culinary coverage If an employee and their spouse both have Culinary dental benefits, they and their eligible dependents will not have any copays.
General anesthesia Covered for some extractions
Missed appointments Your employees should call their dentist the day before their appointment if they have to cancel.
The plan will not pay any fees for missed appointments.

Are orthodontics (braces) covered by the plan?

Orthodontic coverage is provided depending on the diagnosis. Treatment for cosmetic purposes is not a covered benefit.

Your employees’ copays for braces from a Culinary network dentist:

For who Length of treatment Copays Other information
Eligible dependents under age 19* 24 months $850

  • $300 at the beginning of treatment
  • $50 per month for 11 months

Dental treatment depends on the diagnosis. If treatment will be longer than 24 months or requires additional appliances (a device that is used to assist in the movement or positioning of teeth during treatment), your employee may have to pay additional costs.

Your employees will only receive their orthodontic benefit during the months that they are eligible and in treatment.
Your employee and their eligible dependents age 19 and over* 36 months $2,700

  • $900 at the beginning of treatment
  • $50 per month for 36 months

If your employee needs a retainer at the end of active treatment, your employee may need to pay an additional amount up to $400.

*If your employee and/or your eligible dependent already has braces and are new to the plan, Culinary will not cover the treatment.

Other dental benefits

  • Follow this link to learn more about your employees’ dental benefits, dental care at the Culinary Health Center, and dental emergencies.
  • Your employees may go to an out-of-network dentist if they wish, but may pay more. Follow this link to see your employees’ out-of-network dental benefits.