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Customer Service and the Culinary Pharmacies will be closed Monday, May 30 for Memorial Day.
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Are you having problems breastfeeding your baby? The Culinary Health Fund offers support classes.

Date Time Language
June 6 1pm to 2pm English
June 8 11am to 12pm Spanish
June 28 1pm to 2pm Spanish
June 30 11am to 12pm English
July 12 2pm to 3pm English


High blood pressure

High blood pressure can lead to many health problems. Learn how to control your pressure and live longer.

Date Time Language
June 13 1pm to 2pm English
June 15 11am to 12pm Spanish
June 21 1pm to 2pm Spanish
June 23 11am to 12pm English
July 5 2pm to 3pm English


Diabetes class 1

Find out what diabetes is, how it affects your health, and what you should and should not eat.

Date Time Language
June 7 1pm to 2pm Spanish
June 9 1pm to 2pm English
July 11 11am to 12pm English
July 13 11am to 12pm Spanish
August 2 1pm to 2pm Spanish


Diabetes class 2

After completing Diabetes class 1, this class will help you learn how to live with diabetes, and how it can be treated.

Date Time Language
June 14 1pm to 2pm Spanish
June 16 1pm to 2pm English
July 18 11am to 12pm English
July 20 11am to 12pm Spanish
August 9 1pm to 2pm Spanish