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You are not alone!

When you feel depressed, you can't be your best self. We offer a Coping with Depression class that can benefit you. It's taught by a professional who can help you get the care you need. They'll explain mental health problems to you and show you how to treat them.

This class can help you if you:

  • Feel depressed, anxious, or stressed
  • Are considering therapy or treatment and want to learn more
  • Want to help a loved one

What does this class talk about?

  • How depression and anxiety affect the body
  • Exercises and activities you can do to balance your mind
  • Different types of treatments and what to avoid
  • When, where and how to get help
  • What your benefits are

Where can I go if I need mental health services?

You do not need to go to this class if you want to get mental health services. To schedule an appointment with a mental health professional, call Harmony Healthcare at 702-251-8000. You do not need a referral.

What are my mental health benefits?

Type of service In-network copay Out-of-network copay
Outpatient therapy session (that’s not with psychiatrist or psychologist)
  • No copay for your first 5 visits
  • After 5 visits, $15 copay per visit
Not covered
Intensive outpatient program $0 copay Not covered
Partial hospital admission $150 copay per treatment plan Not covered
If you need to stay in a hospital $250 copay per hospital stay $2,000 copay per hospital stay, plus 40% of remaining allowable charges.

Upcoming classes

Coping with depression

Language Day Date Time Location
English Monday April 29 2pm to 4pm CHC Durango
English Wednesday May 29 2pm to 4pm CHC Nellis

Where to go

CHC Nellis

650 North Nellis Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada 89110

CHC Durango

6350 South Durango Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89113