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Ready to Self-Pay?
Pay online here.

What is self-pay?

You have to work 240 hours every 2 months to keep your benefits (that's about 30 hours a week). If you don’t work enough hours, you can pay us for the hours you’re short. This lets you keep your health benefits.


  • You only work 230 hours in 2 months.
  • You are short 10 hours.
  • You can Self-Pay for the 10 hours and keep your health benefits.

If you worked no hours in 2 months, you can do a “full self-pay” for all 240 required hours.

If you are on maternity leave, you can also self-pay for up to 9 consecutive work periods. Call Customer Service at 702-733-9938 to make a maternity leave self-pay.

How will I know if I haven’t worked enough hours?

You will get a Self-Pay notice in the mail. You must make your self-payment before the due date to keep your benefits.

You can check how many hours you’ve worked using our app for Android and Apple devices.

We need to be able to mail you your Self-Pay notice. Please make sure your correct address is on file. You can change your contact information at any time online. You can also call our Customer Service office at 702-733-9938 and follow the prompts.

When do I have to pay?

Pick the months below that you’re short hours to find out the due date for your self-payment, and when you’re covered.

Your payment is due by: April 30
Youʼre covered: May 1 to June 30
Your payment is due by: June 30
Youʼre covered: July 1 to August 31
Your payment is due by: August 30
Youʼre covered: September 1 to October 31
Your payment is due by: October 31
Youʼre covered: November 1 to December 31
Your payment is due by: December 31
Youʼre covered: January 1 to February 28/29
Your payment is due by: February 28/29
Youʼre covered: March 1 to April 30

How much do I have to pay?

You pay the same amount that your employer pays.

Use the calculator below to check how much you need to pay for your missed hours.

Self-Pay calculator

Enter the number of hours you worked:


How do I Self-Pay?

There are many ways to make a self-payment.

  • Pay by phone

    Call 702-733-9938 and follow the prompts.

  • Pay by mail

    Send a check or money order to:

    Culinary Health Fund
    1901 Las Vegas Boulevard South
    Suite 107
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89104
  • Use our drop box

    You can put your payment in the Customer Service drop box at 1901 Las Vegas Boulevard South. Look for the Customer Service door. It’s suite 107.

  • Pay online

    Follow this link to make your self-payment online.

  • Pay on your smartphone

    Use our Customer Service app to Self-Pay on your smartphone.

  • Pay in person

    Bring your payment to the Customer Service Office.

Forms of payment

We accept

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Money orders
  • Most major credit cards
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Discover
    • American Express — We don’t accept American Express

Things to know about Self-Pay

  • You can’t use self-pay to become eligible for benefits. It’s only to keep your benefits once you have them.
  • For each hour you’re short, you pay the same amount that your employer pays.
  • Self-payments are due at the end of every even-numbered month. This means February, April, June, August, October, and December.
  • You can only make 6 self-payments in a row. That’s 1 year total.
  • If you’re short hours and choose not to Self-Pay, you’ll lose your benefits.
  • To become eligible again, you have to restart the process. This means you have to work 360 hours within 3 months to be eligible. You’ll also have a 1-month wait again.
Follow this link to find out if you’re eligible for benefits.