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Diabetes class 1

If you have pre-diabetes or diabetes this class teaches you how to take control of your health. Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or have had diabetes for years, this class can help you.

Even if you don't have diabetes, you can still come to the class.

In class you’ll learn:

  • How diabetes affects your health
  • How to measure your blood sugar
  • What foods to eat
If you’ve already taken Diabetes Class 1, you can take Diabetes class 2.

In this class, you'll get a:

  • Glucometer (blood sugar monitor)
  • Portion control plate
  • Physical activity and exercise book
  • Blood sugar log

If you already have a blood sugar monitor, please bring it to the class. You can get a new monitor from the Culinary Health Fund once each year.

Join our Diabetes Passport program for more help and rewards.

This class is offered:

  • In English or Spanish
  • In the morning, afternoon, or at night
  • At no cost for you or your dependents. This means you don’t have to pay.

Call 702-691-5665 to sign up for a class.

Class photos:

“I attended both of the diabetes classes and found the information very informative. I knew nothing about diabetes and these classes taught me how to maintain and live with pre-diabetes. I feel that by taking these classes, I will be able to improve my pre-diabetes and not let it get to where it becomes diabetes and is permanent.” —Raymond Martin

Upcoming classes

Diabetes class 1

Language Day Date Time Location
Español Tuesday May 21 10am to 12pm CHC Durango
English Thursday May 23 10am to 12pm CHC Durango
Español Tuesday June 4 10am to 12pm CHC Nellis
English Wednesday June 5 1pm to 2pm Zoom
English Thursday June 6 10am to 12pm CHC Nellis
Español Tuesday June 18 3pm to 5pm CHC Durango
English Thursday June 20 1pm to 3pm CHC Durango
Español Wednesday July 3 10am to 11am Zoom
Español Tuesday July 9 1pm to 3pm CHC Nellis
English Thursday July 11 4pm to 6pm CHC Nellis
Español Tuesday July 23 10am to 12pm CHC Durango
English Wednesday July 24 10am to 12pm CHC Durango
Español Tuesday August 6 10am to 12pm CHC Nellis
English Wednesday August 7 1pm to 2pm Zoom
English Thursday August 8 10am to 12pm CHC Nellis

Where to go

CHC Nellis

650 North Nellis Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada 89110

CHC Durango

6350 South Durango Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89113


These classes are held online with Zoom. When you sign up for a class, you will receive an email with a link allowing you to join the class.