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Preparing for surgery

We understand that surgery can be stressful for your employees. They might not know what they need to do to prepare. Nevada Health Solutions (NHS), our care management team, will help them get ready for surgery.

Prior authorization is required for all surgeries. Your employee should work with NHS to make sure they have prior authorization for their surgery. They can call NHS at 855-487-0353.

Will your employees need to miss work after their surgery?

Your employees have a Loss of Time (LOT) benefit that pays them for their missed time at work. The benefit is limited to a maximum of 13 weeks. To get the LOT benefit, employees, their doctors and their human resources department need to complete and return the LOT formDownload PDF.

How do my employees get their LOT benefit?

  • Your employee should print and fill out their part of the LOT formDownload PDF.
  • Part 1 of the form needs to be completed by the doctor who treated or is treating your employee.
  • Part 2 must be completed by the human resources department. Supervisors can’t fill out the form for employees.

Once all sections are complete, the form needs to be sent to our Customer Service Office. The completed form can be turned in by either your employee, the provider or the employer.

The LOT form can be submitted by mail, fax, or in person to:

Culinary Health Fund
Customer Service

1901 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Suite 107
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

Phone: 702-733-9938
Fax: 702-733-0989

Map showing 1901 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Nevada Health Solutions

Our Nevada Health Solutions care team helps ensure that your employees are fully prepared for their surgery. NHS’ Personalized Surgical Management (PSM) program offers your employees:

  • Physical therapy in their home before surgery
  • A home safety evaluation
  • Education about what to expect after their surgery

NHS also helps during your employees’ recovery. If they have to stay in the hospital for one or more nights, NHS will work with them and their doctors to make sure their needs are taken care of. An NHS care team member may visit your employees after their surgery to see how they’re doing.