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Healthy pregnancy

We want to help your employees have a healthy pregnancy. Your employees probably have many questions about their pregnancy and the birth of their baby. We’re here to help them get the answers they need.

This page has helpful pregnancy information and material for your employees who are expecting. It’s a great starting point for them to learn about the benefits, services, classes and programs available to them.

Your employees should call the Advocacy Line at 702-691-5665 if they:

Prenatal care

It’s important for your employees to go to the doctor during their pregnancy. The first visit for their pregnancy should be before they’re 12 weeks pregnant. Once they find out they’re pregnant, they should make an appointment with an OB/GYN.

High-risk pregnancy

If your employees have a high-risk pregnancy, they need extra care and support to keep them and their baby healthy. They’ll need to go to the High Risk Pregnancy Center. It has a team of caring experts dedicated to helping your employees have a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery. There are 3 locations in southern Nevada. Your employees can call 888-381-0695 or visit the center’s website to learn more.

Programs and classes

  • Healthy Pregnancy Plus program

    We support your employees through their pregnancy and the birth of their baby. Healthy Pregnancy Plus teaches your employees how to stay healthy during pregnancy and what appointments they need. They’ll get a $200 reward for completing the program.

  • Call It Quits program

    Smoking can cause many health problems for your employees and their babies. It’s very important for them to stop smoking during pregnancy. Smoking can cause them to have their baby too early. We’ll help them quit smoking.

  • Breastfeeding class

    In this class, your employees can learn what to expect when breastfeeding and how to use a breast pump. They’ll get a breast pump to keep, and other supplies in the class. We’ll help them gain the skills and confidence they need to breastfeed their baby.

  • Enfamil’s Family Beginnings

    Mead Johnson Nutrition develops and manufactures nutritional products for infants and children. Although we encourage our participants to breastfeed, we understand that not everyone will choose to do so. As an additional resource, participants can sign up for Enfamil’s Family Beginnings program (this is optional). The program offers free formula samples, formula discounts, special offers, and nutrition tips and resources.

Labor and birth

Choosing a hospital

Which hospital your employees choose to have their baby in usually depends on their doctor. When choosing an OB/GYN, your employees should ask where they can deliver. The doctor will usually have a few options.

View our list of in-network hospitals. Your employees can have their babies at any of these hospitals if their doctor can deliver there.

Pre-register at a hospital

Expectant mothers can usually pre-register at the hospital before they deliver. Pre-registration is just visiting the hospital to let it know your employee wants to have their baby there. They can also take hospital tours and ask questions about the hospital’s policies. This will help them be ready for the big day!

When they pre-register, your employees will fill out the required forms and give their insurance information. That way they’re not filling out paperwork while in labor. It also helps the hospital plan for their arrival.

Prior authorization

Your employee or their doctor must call Nevada Health Solutions at 702-216-1653 for prior authorization if their hospital stay will be longer than:

  • 2 days for vaginal delivery
  • 4 days for a C-section (cesarean) delivery

C-sections (cesarean)

The body was created to make and have a baby. If your employees don’t have any health issues it’s best for them to have their baby vaginally. A C-section is major surgery and should be avoided if possible. If your employees’ doctor wants them to have a C-section, please have them call the Advocacy Line at 702-691-5665.

Copays and costs

We try to keep your employees’ healthcare costs low for their pregnancy and childbirth. If your employees have questions about how much their prenatal care is or how much the birth will cost, have them call the Advocacy Line at 702-691-5665. They can also read their Summary of Benefits and Coverage to see an example of what their costs could be.

Copays for pregnancy and childbirth:

Service your employees may need In-network provider Out-of-network provider
Office visits No charge Not covered
Childbirth/​delivery professional services No charge Not covered
Childbirth/​delivery facility services $250 copay per admission $2,000 copay/​admission + 40% coinsurance of allowable charges. Birthing centers are in this tier.
Ultrasounds and x-rays
  • $20 copay at a freestanding facility
  • $30 copay in a doctor’s office
  • $45 copay in a hospital outpatient department
Not covered

Loss of Time (LOT) benefit

Your employees can get paid for some of the time they’ll be gone from work due to childbirth. This is called their Loss of Time benefit.

To get their Loss of Time benefit, your employees should:

  1. Fill out their part of the form
  2. Have their doctor complete the doctor’s section of the form. The doctor can’t charge to fill out this form. It’s part of our contract with them
  3. Have their Human Resources (HR) department fill out its part of the form
  4. Your employee, their job, or their doctor can send the completed form to our Customer Service office

Culinary Health Fund
Customer Service

1901 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Suite 107
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

Phone: 702-733-9938
Fax: 702-733-0989

Map showing 1901 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Breastfeeding support and breast pumps

Breastfeeding gives your employees’ baby the best nutrients! And it has many health benefits for the mom. Your employees or their spouses can get breastfeeding support and a breast pump for no copay.

Your employees can:

  • Attend our breastfeeding class

    They’ll get a breast pump and other supplies in the class. A professional lactation consultant will show them how to set up and use the pump. They’ll also give your employees tips from their personal experience with breastfeeding.

  • Pick up a breast pump

    If your employee has had a baby within the last 4 years and doesn’t want to attend the class, they can pick up a breast pump once they’ve reached their 3rd trimester. Have your employees call our Advocacy Line at 702-691-5665 to let us know they’re coming.

  • Get breastfeeding help for no copay

    Your employees can get a 1 hour and 30-minute visit with a breastfeeding professional for no copay. At the visit they can talk about any issues or questions they have.

Breastfeeding professionals can help your employees:

  • Make sure their baby is latching correctly
  • Improve their milk supply
  • Solve pain and soreness issues
  • Support breastfeeding or pumping during hospital stays
  • Create schedules for work and school

Your employees can call these breastfeeding professionals if they have problems with breastfeeding or pumping. They can also make a personal appointment:

Finding a pediatrician

Picking the right pediatrician is important for your employees. They should pick an in-network pediatrician before their baby arrives. Your employees’ baby will need to go to the pediatrician in the first week after birth. Your employee can take their baby to a pediatrician at the Culinary Health Center or one of our in-network providers.

To find a pediatrician, your employees can:

Health insurance

Once your employees’ baby is born, they’ll want to make sure he or she has health benefits. They can add their baby to their health insurance plan within 30 days of birth. A birth certificate is needed to enroll their newborn as a dependent.

Birth certificates are available from the Southern Nevada Health District. The district’s Birth Certificates webpage has more information.

Your employees have 30 days after birth to enroll their newborn as a dependent. They should be sure to bring their baby’s birth certificate to our Customer Service office.

Culinary Health Fund
Customer Service

1901 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Suite 107
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

Phone: 702-733-9938
Fax: 702-733-0989

Map showing 1901 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Getting care after the baby is born

Your employees should:

  • Get help with their feelings and emotions

    Your employees may have many emotions after they have a baby. They’ll feel joy and excitement, but they may also experience sadness, fear or anxiety. If they have extreme sadness, anxiety or exhaustion that makes it hard to do daily activities, it’s important for your employees to get help right away. Please encourage your employees to talk to their doctor or call:

  • Consider their birth control options

    After your employees have a baby, they may want to talk to their doctor about birth control. Your employees have many options when it comes to birth control. Most birth control is available for no copay. Your employees can talk to their doctor about birth control at their 6-week checkup after they have their baby.

  • Get back to a healthy weight and shape

    If your employees have issues losing the weight they gained during pregnancy, we have a program that can help. Our Culinary Healthier U program offers a personal nutrition plan for your employees. They can get up to 26 visits per year with a registered dietitian as part of the program.