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Life insurance

Life and AD&D insurance gives your patient’s family financial support when they need it the most. These are monetary benefits that are paid out to their loved ones if something were to happen to them. These benefits are available at no cost to your patients.

Your patient and their dependents each have a policy.

What are my patient’s benefits?

The following benefits are available to participants only (not for dependents).

Benefit Monetary benefit
Life Insurance (if they pass away) $20,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment (for example, if they lose a limb or their eyesight) Up to $20,000
Accelerated Death Benefit (if they become terminally ill) Up to $15,000 (if they have 6 months or less to live)


It’s very important for your patient to choose a beneficiary!

The person(s) they choose as their beneficiary will be paid the monetary benefit if something happens to them. They can also split their benefit between 2 or more people. Beneficiaries can be changed at any time.

How can my patient choose a beneficiary?

They can fill out a Life Insurance Beneficiary FormDownload PDF at the Customer Service Office.

Culinary Health Fund
Customer Service

1901 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Suite 107
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

Phone: 702-733-9938
Fax: 702-733-0989

Map showing 1901 Las Vegas Boulevard South

They can also call the Customer Service Office at 702-733-9938 to add or change a beneficiary.

What if one of my patient’s dependents passes away?

If one of your patient’s dependents passes away, your patient will be paid their life insurance benefit.

Dependent Monetary benefit
Patient’s spouse $10,000
Patient’s dependent child (Age 6 months to 26 years) $10,000
Patient’s dependent child (Age live birth to 6 months) $3,000

Accelerated Death Benefit

Your patient’s life insurance benefit also includes an Accelerated Death Benefit of up to $15,000. If they become terminally ill, they’re able to use some of their life insurance benefit while they’re still alive. This helps them stay comfortable near the end of their life.


  • Your patient is diagnosed with a terminal disease.
  • They use $15,000 of their life insurance benefit while they are still alive.
  • After they pass away, their beneficiary will receive the remaining $5,000.

Why is life and AD&D insurance important?

Life and AD&D insurance provides support for your patient’s family during tough times. It’s meant to temporarily replace their income and relieve some of their family’s stress if they get hurt in an accident or pass away.

It can help your patient’s family with:

  • Monthly rent and utilities
  • Debt or school tuition
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Other things that may be needed

How can my patient buy more disability or life insurance?

They can call Boston Mutual at 702-386-5179.