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Preventive mammograms

Your employees should get their breasts checked!

If your employees are 35 years or older, they can get a preventive mammogram once a year. Mammograms are special x-rays that check for breast cancer. Getting one once a year may help find breast cancer early.

Why are mammograms important?

Mammograms are important because they are one of the best ways to find breast cancer early, when it is most treatable. This means they may find breast cancer before there are any symptoms or lumps.

When should my employees get a mammogram?

They can get a preventive mammogram once a year if they’re 35 years or older.

Where do my employees go?

Your employees can go to any in-network diagnostic imaging facility.

How do my employees get a mammogram?

  1. They get a referral from your doctor.
  2. They make an appointment at an in-network diagnostic imaging location.
  3. There is no copay for a basic mammogram or a 3D mammogram.

How much will it cost?

  • There’s no copay for a basic preventive mammogram.
  • There’s no copay for a 3D mammogram.