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About the advocates

What are advocates?

Healthcare benefits can be hard to understand. That’s why we have Advocates to help. Advocates are your personal Culinary Health Fund “helpers.” Advocates explain your benefits and answer your questions. They are also happy to listen to your feedback.

What can an advocate help me with?

Advocates can help you:

  • Find a doctor
  • Fill out forms
  • Get answers to your questions
  • See if you’re eligible for benefits
  • Check if you owe a self-pay
  • Know your copays
  • Sign up for a class or program
  • Explain things that are sent to you by mail or text
  • Help with complicated situations (disability, enrollment, complaints, etc.)

Call your Advocates at 702-691-5665 or email advocacy@​ if you need anything.

Meet our advocates

  • Maryellen Avila

    Languages she speaks: English and Spanish

    “I am passionate about helping our participants, providing them with assistance and reassurance, and giving them information about their benefits. I enjoy interacting with participants through our many events, wellness classes, and day-to-day opportunities. It is a pleasure to help our Spanish-speaking participants in their own language.”

  • Carmen Cheung

    Languages she speaks: Chinese and English

    “I like to help people, especially our participants. In my position, I help participants better understand their benefits and use them wisely. They are very hard-working. They deserve the great benefits and services that we provide.”

  • Grace Marin

    Languages she speaks: English and Spanish

    “I am happy to be part of a field that directly impacts people’s well-being and quality of life. My passion lies in helping participants navigate the complexities of the healthcare system and making a positive impact on their lives.”

  • Patricia Robles

    Languages she speaks: English and Spanish

    “I enjoy building trusting relationships with our participants. I love helping them get the most out of their benefits. Being a resource to the community is very rewarding to me.”

  • Araceli Saavedra

    Languages she speaks: English and Spanish

    “Health benefits are confusing. That’s why I am here. My job is to help participants understand their benefits. I’m happy to help, and I enjoy being a friendly resource.”

  • Maggie Santana

    Languages she speaks: English and Spanish

    “It is important to me to help participants use their benefits. I enjoy being able to help others and let them know about our programs.”