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Healthy living programs

We have programs to help your patients change their lives and form healthy habits that last. These programs give your patients the extra resources and support they need when they need them most.

Our healthy living programs can help your patients:

  • Understand their health conditions
  • Handle serious health problems
  • Make good health decisions
  • Get the support they need to get healthy and stay healthy

Available programs

  • Diabetes Passport program

    Do your patients want to be rewarded for managing their diabetes? They can learn how to live better with diabetes. If they attend 3 classes and get 2 checkups, they’ll get rewards on the way. Learn more

  • Culinary Healthier U — Personal nutrition program

    Do your patients want a personal nutrition program to help with their goals? Our Culinary Healthier U program is great for people with

    • Diabetes
    • Heart problems
    • High blood pressure
    • High cholesterol
    • Kidney disease or
    • Weight issues

    Your patients can learn what foods are right for them, get one-on-one support and a personal meal plan from a professional nutritionist. Learn more

  • Call It Quits — Quit smoking program

    Do your patients want help to stop smoking? This program helps them understand when and why they smoke; provides help in person, online, or on the phone; and even helps them get medicine to help them live smoke-free. Learn more

  • Healthy Pregnancy Plus

    Do your patients want tips, support and rewards for staying healthy during their pregnancy? Your patients will learn how to stay healthy during pregnancy and what appointments they need. They’ll be rewarded $200 for completing the program, and their OB/GYN can get a reward, too. Learn more