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Specialty pharmacies

What is a specialty pharmacy?

A specialty pharmacy delivers medicine and treatments to patients with serious, ongoing or rare medical issues. These medicines usually cost over $1,000 for a 30-day supply. They often need special storage and handling such as refrigeration. A specialty pharmacy helps you get your medicine quickly. It also provides extra support for you and your doctor.

Prior authorization

Some specialty medicines require prior authorization. Your doctor can get this by calling OptumRx. Our specialty pharmacy can also help with this process.


BriovaRx is the specialty pharmacy for the Culinary Health Fund. You can only get your specialty medicine from BriovaRx.

To enroll in the specialty pharmacy program, call BriovaRx at 855-427-4682.

If you need a specialty medicine, BriovaRx will:

  • Help you get prior authorization
  • Teach you how to take your medicine. For example, how to inject your medicine.
  • Send your medicine to your home for free
  • Provide refill reminders
  • Help you manage side effects
  • Work with your doctor to help make sure your treatment is working
If a drug is not available, BriovaRx will let you or your doctor know where to go.

How much will it cost?

Specialty prescription costs vary based on the drug. If you need a specialty drug on our variable copay program, you may pay up to 25% of the cost. There’s also a savings program available for these specialty prescription drugs if needed.

How do I send my prescription to BriovaRx?

Your doctor or a hospital can fax, e-prescribe, or call BriovaRx to send in your prescription.

How do I get my prescription from BriovaRx?

You can have your medicine delivered to your home or doctor’s office for free.

  • You or your authorized representative will be required to schedule the delivery.
  • UPS will deliver your medicine.
  • Your doctor’s office will only be contacted regarding the prescription shipment if your prescription will be injected or infused at your doctor’s office.
You may be able to get next-day delivery, or even same-day delivery by courier. Call BriovaRx at 855-427-4682 for details.