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Healthy cooking class

Let us help you cook tasty food that’s good for you. Eating healthy can make a big difference in your health.

You’ll learn how to cook two meals in our two-hour cooking class. Professional chefs from the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas teach the class. They make healthy cooking very easy and even more fun! You’ll also get shopping pointers, cooking tips, and a chance to taste the food cooked during the class.

The class is offered:

  • in English and Spanish.
  • at no cost to you. This means you don’t have to pay.
Call 702-691-5665 to sign up for a class.


More healthy cooling videos...

Healthy cooking class recipes

Did you lose a recipe? Did you miss a class but still want to add healthy meals to your cookbook? You can get recipes from previous classes by following this link.

Bon appetit!

“I loved the cooking classes to help us feel confident in the kitchen to cook healthy and manage the disease.” —Christine Ali

There are no classes scheduled at this time.

For more information about this class, call the Advocacy Line at 702-691-5665.