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Prescriptions by mail

You can get your medicine by mail. With OptumRx Home Delivery, your medicine will be delivered right to your door. This may be a good option if you take medicine often.

Reasons to get your medicine by mail

  • Save money

    When you refill by mail you get a 2-month supply of medicine for one copay. This means you don’t have to pay each month.

  • Save gas and time

    No trips to the pharmacy or waiting in long lines.

  • Order your refills online or by phone

    Have your refills sent to you at the touch of a button.

  • Get refill reminders by phone or email

    You’ll be reminded to refill your prescriptions before you run out of medicine.

How to sign up to get your medicine by mail

It’s easy to sign up to have your medicine mailed to you. You can do it: