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Diabetes Passport program

Our Diabetes Passport program gives your employees rewards for managing their diabetes. It’s designed to be part of what your they should do regularly to control their diabetes.

How does the program work?

Your employees need to complete 5 steps. It’s just 3 classes and 2 checkups, and they get rewards along the way.

The program’s 5 steps are:

As your employees complete the program, they get:

  • A blood sugar monitor
  • A portion plate
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • A fruit infusion water bottle
  • Portion control containers
“I’ve taken the Diabetes 1 and 2 Classes, the High Blood Pressure Class, and the Kidney Smart Class. The ladies that have taught the classes have been very good, understanding, and most importantly thoughtful in their presentations. I was given a blood pressure monitor and also a glucose meter. There’s even a portion plate. I’ve lost approximately 25 pounds; I’ve dropped one whole shirt size and one whole pant size. My energy level is absolutely amazing! If it can be helpful for me it can be helpful for many.” —John Ilyko