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Healthy living

We want to keep your employees and their families healthy and happy. That’s why we offer many classes, programs, benefits, and services that promote healthy living.

Our classes and programs are offered at no cost to your employees. Classes and programs are held on different days, times and places to fit your employees’ needs. Your employees can get prizes and rewards for taking good care of themselves. Please encourage your employees to take advantage of our classes and programs. They can call 702-691-5665 to sign up for one of our classes or programs.

Healthy living classes

Our classes are 2 hour classes that give your employees the tips and support they need to live healthier. They’re a good place to start if your employees want to learn more about being healthy. They’ll learn ways to improve their health.

Classes are offered:

  • In English or Spanish.
  • In the morning, afternoon, or at night
  • At no cost for participants. This means your employees don’t have to pay.

Here is a list of our healthy living classes:

Health living programs

We have programs to help your employees change their lives and live healthier. The programs have different tasks and are done over a longer amount of time. They are meant to help your employees create healthy habits that will last. The programs will make a meaningful difference in your employees’ health. We give them extra resources and support when they need it most.

Our healthy living programs will help your employees:

  • Understand their health condition
  • Handle serious health problems
  • Make good health decisions
  • Get the support they need to get and stay healthy

Here is a list of our healthy living programs:

Healthy living benefits and services

These health benefits and services are part of your employees’ health insurance. Please encourage them to use their benefits to keep their physical and mental health on the right track.

Here is a list of our healthy living benefits and services: